WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines 2015

De WSAVA is duidelijk als het om serologisch testen gaat:

Can we test dogs as an alternative to annual vaccination? We are concerned about the advice to only boost every 3 years.
Yes, certainly. There are now well-validated in-practice serological test kits that permit determination of the presence of protective serum antibody specific for CDV, CAV, CPV-2 and FPV. In other countries, these kits are used to confirm protection at 3-yearly intervals (instead of automatic revaccination for core diseases). You could perform serology annually, but if you were to collect and analyze the data that you generated within your practice, you will quickly find that annual testing is unjustified.

In an animal that has completed its puppy/kitten shots, is a higher antibody titre required to protect against heavy disease challenge?
For CDV, CAV-2, CPV-2 and FPV the answer is no. The presence of antibody (no matter what the titre) indicates protective immunity and immunological memory is present in that animal. Giving more frequent vaccines to animals in an attempt to increase antibody titre is a pointless exercise. It is impossible to create ‘greater immunity’ by attempting to increase an antibody titre.”

Professor Michael J. Day (formerly chairman of the WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group): “It would be easier if an in-house test kit would only indicate positive or negative and can be performed during the time of a consultation”.


WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines 2015

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